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Yash has promised to implement '5S'

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Yash has promised to implement '5S'

In series of Kaizen Program, our Kaizen guru’s were with us from 09th September to 13th September 2014. Their stress was on “5S”. They explained us the need and importance of 5S. They gave a sporty challenge to implement 5S, and see the increase in efficiency of work. Yash has promised to implement 5S before their next visit.

Students from class-2 of Yash Vidya Mandir visited the plant. Students were very innovative and displayed craft abilities with our paper.

In the series of training and development, classes are underway with huge participation from the employees. Trainers are very innovatively getting involved and are concluding sessions with SPL. This will surely help in evolving individuals.

This month, we gave farewell to one of the senior most person of Mechanical Sewa Sangh “Mr. Ram lakhan Tiwari ji”. Popularly known as pump specialist, he has been the teacher and guide of many. Yash family wishes him the very best for the future.

YPL conducted a class on fire fighting which was attended by members across all areas. A class of theory followed by practical demonstration showed active involvement by members.

Mr. G Narayana aka “Guruji” visited Yash Papers on 08th September 2014. He explained the need for evaluation of oneself. He told us that it is necessary to keep evaluating ourselves. There are 18 things that we should evaluate in ourselves like confidence, discipline, control, satisfaction level, progress, appreciation, criticism etc. This shall lead to Divinity. His lessons were highly motivating.

Vishwakarma Pooja was celebrated in the plant paying respect to the almighty.

In series of training the leaders, Mr. Sumant Pai (Head HR), Ms. Shaily Raj (Head Training Development), Mr. Narendra Agrawal (Head Projects), Mr. Rajeev Srivastava (Head Maintenance), Mr. Rishu Agrawal (Head Treasury) attended a training class on Self awareness and Self management conducted by Mr. Narinder Parmar, a certified NLP Master and member of Australian Inst. of Management. He taught about Power of Brain, Importance of self time and why EQ is better than IQ.

Ms. Anjali Singh (Head of Sales Region) and Mr. Ashok Mishra (Head of Sales, Domestic) attended an exclusive one Day Seminar on “How To Provide Exceptional Customer Service & Handling Customer Complaints: …keep your customer happy & keep them coming back” conducted by Mr. Dharmandar Attal (Management Consultant)