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work culture

work culture

We believe in creating joy at work through an environment of learning, creativity and growth. We have introduced numerous initiatives to develop into an employer par excellence.

Management and performance 

  • Customer first. Our basic philosophy is based on the needs of the customer. Such a management philosophy helps us cater to the stated and unstated needs of our customers in the shortest possible time.
  • Flat management structure. We work in self managing eams that have the authority to take all related decisions for their respective areas. There are no supervisors and all teams are cross functional. The team leader's role is to help each team member achieve their goals and there is direct interaction for the same.
  • Appraisal system. We believe in self appraisal. We set our own targets in our Lakshya Patras on a monthly basis and provide weightage to each depending on the company goals. They are self assessed at the end of every month and discussed with our leader. The annual percentage achieved determines to our performance bonuses.
  • Awards and recognition. 

Shared ownership

  • Profit sharing. We have a monthly Production and Sales incentive system. An average of 10 days of pay is provided through this scheme depending upon the company performance for the month

Quality and training

  • Orientation program.  We have an extensive orientation program for new team members. We believe each person needs to understand the basic workings of each work area. This program also provides an opportunity to interact with all team members. We also share insights on our company culture, vision, quality systems, products and marketing so team members are familiar with all facets of their new "family."
  • "Amrit Arjan". We have a large scale programme for taking our company towards world class practices. We learn and incorporate various work practices from the world over under this programme. Team participation is central to this implementation and the facets of the programme include TPM, Kaizen, 5S etc
  • "Yash Samriddhi Path".  We have established a robus methodology for grading of skills for every trade in our organization. Each team member is assessed yearly on the skill level and the training needs are identified and addressed. Salary levels are also determined by the grade achieved. 
  • Projects. We participate in at least one ongoing project apart from our regular responsibilities. This makes our work more challenging and also leads to our learning and growth.

Information sharing

  • Internal communications. We have a monthly newsletter "Yash Maitri"; a plant-wide announcement system and numerous notice boards across the plant.
  • Daily assembly. We meet every morning for a prayer, interaction and discussions at our temple.
  • Online connection. We have an employee intranet system; we also offer a VPN (virtual private mobile network) so team members can work remotely when needed.

Other benefits

  • Housing. All process-related team members are provided quality housing, either on campus or nearby in the city. We run a shuttle bus from the city to the factory, and transportation is provided even when a member stays late for work completion.
  • Recreation and socializing. We believe in work-life balance and provide many ways for our team members to enjoy life outside of working hours. We provide sporting facilities such as table tennis, badminton, volleyball, cricket, and football; encourage social interaction through clubs, such as the Yash Ladies Club and the younsters' Yash Club; celebrate numerous festivals together such as Holi, Diwali, Vishwakarma Jayanti; and offer a free web café, 24-hour canteen, and a mess for meals.