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Why Chuk

Why Chuk


We at Chuk! together with our customers are working towards making the planet better than it currently is by adopting environmentally-friendly business practices.

  • No fossil fuels - All our energy needs of power and heat are completely met through renewable energy from our own captive off-grid biomass-based power plant that uses rice husk as fuel. Rice husk is the hard protective coating on rice grains that are usually discarded during the milling process.
  • Renewable waste - Our products are made from sugarcane waste (bagasse), a renewable source, which is left over after sugarcane stalks are crushed to extract the juice. In comparison, disposable products made from plastics and polystyrene, which are petroleum based products, are not renewable. In fact, polystyrene is considered to have the second highest impact on the environment. Similarly, even polylactic acid (PLA) based products, which is biodegradable, is derived from renewable sources like plants that are purpose-grown for producing PLA and thus competes for natural resources rather than use an existing resource like waste or recycle materials.
  • Compostable - Our products are 100% compostable that decompose within months in backyard compostable systems. Whereas, disposable products made from plastics, and polystyrene are not biodegradable, while PLA based products require industrial composting or landfills where it takes decades and centuries to decompose. Thus our products are safe for the environment and are safe to Chuk!
  • Local community sourcing - We are located near the agriculture belt of the Indo-gangetic plains, and source our raw material locally from nearby farmers who sell their agriculture waste directly to us.


Compostable tableware made from sugarcane waste has no negative effect on health as it is made using natural and renewable materials. This also makes it suitable for use in microwave ovens to heat food.

Polystyrene on the other hand contains toxic substances, Styrene and Benzene, suspected to be carcinogens, and neurotoxins that are hazardous to humans. Polystyrene food containers leach Styrene when they come into contact with warm food or liquid causing human contamination and pose a health risk to people. Polystyrene is a principle component of urban litter and marine debris, which affects the habitat of wildlife and also affects their health if it is ingested.

Modular Design

Our product design philosophy is to do justice to the form and function while keeping it fun and playful to enhance the food experience and protect the food when using Chuk! tableware. This has led to us developing modular design products that represent:

  • Connectedness: Incorporating the relationship between elements in nature, and between people and products that form a beautiful synergy. Similarly, you can mix and match our products to serve multiple different food service requirements.
  • Simplicity: We believe in using only those resources that are needed rather than using resources just because they are available. Through our smart designs, you are able to meet a wide range of your needs without increasing the variety of products. This helps reduce waste by reducing your inventory and reducing the number of products.
  • Playful: The designs are fun as you can combine products together, place them differently, stack different products on top of each other, and come up with the new uses for them makes the overall food experience more memorable.