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Board of Directors

Mr. Srinivas Vishnubhatla

Srini is a maverick. He ran away from home to join the Indian army and then spent 13 years serving the nation before deciding to quit and indulge himself in the world of business. 

Intelligence comes naturally to him. He spent many years working on military intelligence and then rose to the level of Director at KPMG focussing on corporate frauds.

He then decided to work on creating his own product to help banks become able to detect fraud at an early stage and now runs a start up developing applications for banks.

Mr Pradeep Vasant Dhobale

Mr Pradeep Dhobale has been a very well known figure in the paper industry for a long, long time. He spent most of his career with ITC Industries starting as a trainee and rising to the board level. He headed the paper division of ITC and took the same to new heights.

He is a continuous learner and post his retirement spends time mentoring various start ups to groom them and enable budding entrepreneurs to get results.

We are fortunate to have his insight and guidance on the board.

Jagdeep Hira

Jagdeep has lived and breathed paper most of his working life. He has run all kinds of machines and developed numerous grades of papers. He has worked in different kind of companies and environments and has also had great international exposure. He loves to build organisations taking the team along with him. He is able to understand, grasp resolve issues due to his deep involvement with the process.

Atul Kumar Gupta

Atul ji is one of the brightest minds we know. As an officer in the Indian Administrative Services, he spent many years of his life providing the state with good governance and rose to become the Chief Secretary of the largest state in the country.

He left a legacy of being an impeccable officer and a gentleman.

He now wishes to spend his time reading and writing books and we await the same. We are fortunate to have him mentor and guide our company.

Dr Indroneel Banerjee

Indroneel is the voice of empathy on the board. His father was one of the founder directors in the company and he has very ably taken up the mantle. Indroneel has a keen brain that provides us with a different perspective and guides us to be better people. He is a practicing Homeopath and loves to help people as much as he can. He remains a guiding force behind all our efforts with nation building.

Kimberly Ann McArthur

Kim is the international perspective on the board.

Kim is passionate about life. She earned a Masters in Communication and built her company Freerange Studios in the USA from a start up to a well known design firm that works on social causes.

Imanul Haque

We are fortunate to have Imanul to guide us in the world of specialty paper. Imanul has worked with specialties all his life and he knows and understands the requirements. We gain immensely from his ideas on strategy and he drives the development of various grades. Imanul has been the Managing Director for Loparex India and now represents UPM in the country. He is one of the clearest and kindest people we know.

Basant Kumar Khaitan

Mr Khaitan is the entrepreneur. He is one of the key suppliers to the paper industry and has build a thriving corporation called Wires and Fabrics Limited.

Mr Khaitan is one of the sharpest minds we know and brings value to each discussion. He has a keen sense for business and directs our focus towards customers and effective business practices. He has a knack for numbers and is able to find information within data inadvertently.

Manjula Jhunjhunwala

Ms Jhunjhunwala is our founder director. As our founder Mr KK Jhunjhunwala always said 'the business is here because of her. She sold her jewellery to provide the seed capital to her husband to establish the business'.

Ms Jhunjhunwala is a revered educationist and philanthropist. She has built a great name in the field of early education through Jingle Bells Nursery Schools Society. Her passion is to build a better nation for the future generations and works tirelessly towards the same.

Narendra Agrawal

Yash Pakka is blessed to benefit from Narendra’s eighteen years of rich experience in projects.  His skills have enabled Yash to minimize downtime, enhance production operations, and improve operational efficiencies. He has a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) from MNREC Allahabad in year 1993. In his personal time he enjoys reading and organizing for the care of children and elderly.