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Our team says

Our team says

Why is Yash Papers a great place to work? We asked our team recently and they had a lot to say. In fact, over 90 items were submitted from across all teams. To give you some of the reasons our employees are excited to be at Yash, read on.

We invest in personal development

  • I like that I have a clear path for professional development and growth. I set my own targets and can measure my progress each month.
  • Every new team member participates in an induction with meditation training.
  • We focus on training every team member through our unique grading and training program.
  • We have financial transparency and training for all team members.
  • We have computer tablets at our reception area for people to play with…  we mean, use.
  • We invite speakers from all walks of life to teach us through sharing their experience for an evening lecture.
  • We are continuous learners.
  • We learn from everyone.






We have team spirit

  • We have a talent competition at the Holi Festival every year.  Next year don't miss Sandeep's dancing.
  • Our chief electrician has won the maximum awards in our company including the antakshari (sing off). 
  • We throw a Yash Women's Only Swim Party regularly.
  • I like that we celebrate everyone's birthday by the gift of a sapling.
  • We do many cultural programmes such as SPICMACAY, martial arts dancers, movie nights, musical performances.
  • Our announcement system can be heard in all parts of the campus-- we are always listening to music.
  • We have a fierce tug o' war competition on national days.
  • We have a riotous Holi Festival Day-- want to come get colored?


We are trusted at Yash

  • Our core mantra is TRUST. At Yash we are trusted; we are given responsibilities to enact as we see fit.
  • Ideas are rewarded at Yash Papers. Every month we have an open house where people are encouraged to air all their thoughts. 
  • Each person is considered the owner of the machine they work on. 
  • We welcome mistakes.









We are all on the same team 

  • Anyone is able to come and speak to the Head of Business at any time; everyone's opinion is valued. 
  • Every team member who has worked at Yash Papers for at least three years is gifted shares in the company. We all own what we are working for!
  • We work in teams without hierarchy and supervisors.
  • We do all work with a team spirit.
  • Everyone eats together and washes their own plates after meals.
  • We have a tobacco-free campus. If someone is caught with it, their fine goes into a cancer fund.
  • Everyone is trained to be cost conscious.
  • We have a environment that promotes freedom without fear.



We support families

  • We support and provide exceptional education to the children of all team members.
  • Yash Papers cares about me as an employee but also my family.  I know they have stepped in and helped many in   times of need and I trust they would help me too. 
  • At times of personal health crisis, our company steps in to support.








We achieve

  • We export globally. We have won the export award from U.P. Export Council for two years in a row and the CAPEXIL for 2009-10. 
  • Team Arjun has saved the maximum amount of money under the "Kaizen ideas program."
  • Mr. Ramjag has been a team member since 1981 and won the maximum awards for attendance.
  • Our first paper machine was established at 5 tons a day and now produces 30 tons a day. 
  • At the time of the Ayodya curfew, we broke all production records.
  • We always stay happy.







We serve the earth 



We serve people




We like our team members



  • We produce 100% of our own electricity through biomass since 1996.
  • Our efforts have resulted in over 2 million trees being planted in our area every year. Our goal is 10 million per year.
  • We are the smallest paper company in the world to have a conventional chemical recovery system.
  • We established a benchmark for furnace oil and lime consumption throughout the industry.
  • Our highest ever-achieved chemical recovery was 95.6%.
  • We have a zero garbage program.
  • We are the only paper company to use old gunny sacks to manufacture pulp.
  • Every morning, each team member is informed of yesterday's production, sales, electricity, water, steam consumptions.
  • We call our energy conservation project "tejaswa" -- which means "full of light."
  • We have a rain water harvesting tank to filter the water and recharge the water table.
  • Our green campus makes us happy.
  • We celebrate earth-related days with fanfare as we work everyday for a better environment.
    • We belief in service with the topmost person being the sevak (server).
    • When a team member dies, all of us give the family a day's wage to support them.
    • We work towards the development of villages around us; we have adopted all villages in a 5km radius.
    • We provide 24 hours canteen services for all team members.
    • We provide a Health Clinic with a full-time MBBS doctor.
    • We have a free transport service to and from town.
    • We consider our work place a holy place.
    • We provide education through Yash Vidya Mundir and Yash Industrial Training Center for village youth around us.
    • People join here and only leave when they retire.
    • Moti Ram, our office help, smiles like a pearl.
    • Ganga, one of our drivers, is notorious for doing mimicries of other team members.
    • We utilize the genius of every team member.
    • Rajiv always wears a cap and Siva wears the longest mustaches. 
    • Mahaveer makes paper and food with all his heart.