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- Material: Sugarcane fiber
- Colour: Natural (Unbleached)
- Oil and water resistant
- Microwavable, Oven-able and Freezer-safe
- 100% Compostable


Our trays are smartly designed because we don’t want eggs to break during handling and transport, or that odd broken egg to spill and spoil the other eggs in the tray. Our range of trays is ideal for serving full-service meals with multiple sides in the main course like Indian meals, in corporate canteens, self-service meals at cafeterias, or even pre-packed ready meals for take-away. We offer tray lids that have a snug fit and make the trays spill-resistant for easy transport and stacking.

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Technical Specification: 
SKU#Product NameShapeSize (inch)Length (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)Weight (gms)
4Tray 4 CPRectangle-3052483036
5Tray 5 CPRectangle-3052483036