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The beauty secret you didn’t know
vk biomimicry
We look forward to this short and interesting newsletter on paper industry, particularly the quiz questions at the end for winning small prizes. We very much want be in the know of our game.
All that we take for granted today were once miracles or unbelievable things. If you want to pause for a while and wonder what's to come, refer to Altitude to see some of the innovative things happening in Europe.
We know how to make paper in a sustainable way. How about so many other things we use day in and day out. Here, someone tried to make a 'Fair' phone. Check how your smartphone fares against the 'fair' phone.
How much are we (our lifestyles) a part of the the world's problems and how can we be part of the solution. If you think you need a Ph.D. To answer this question, we recommend you watch the videos at SoS and you will agree that you can be part of the solution.
If you can measure, you can manage it, said Lord Kelvin; If you want to solve a quick mathematical problem, just ask Wolfram Alpha and you have the answer. It's a good starting point to embark on visualizing scale of things and opportunities.;; https://www.edx.orgŠ
You can always read on Wikipedia but if you want to seriously study and from the best schools in the world, don't worry about your age,
transcripts or GRE and GMAT. Just check the above or any 'MOOC' (massive open online course) site and start learningŠ
If you talk initiative, here is a unique collection of people's stories who took initiative to solve their problems, all brought to us by a
one-man Mr.DV Sridharan who travelled all over India to put them on the web.
Everything has its place in this world. Paper has been crucial in bringing civilization to where it is today. It will probably be there for a long
time to come, finding use in things we don't imagine today. Read on in the above website to know possibly howŠ

To solve humanities problems, some people find Nature's genius as the best recourse. Here is a group of people working on technological problems by emulating nature.
There's a bit of paper in everyone's life. Probably it will be more and moreŠ check out what Durapulp is and you will be surprised at what paper can offer.
Some have taken the 'post-fossil carbon' age seriously and have come up with interesting 'renewable' and 'compostable' packaging solutions. Check how mushrooms can protect stuff.
While we make paper out of pulp, you can make many things from pulp. Somethings you wouldn't imagineŠ check this Spanish company and its products made out of pulped agri-residue.
How can we build a happy community? Localism is probably one viable approach. Read more how people are trying strengthen communities by making everyone contribute, feel valued and be happy.
Sun is now lighting up homes at night, thanks to photovoltaic technology. Very soon, it may power planes as well. Check this ambitious project and the people behind this adventureŠ
A small initiative has become a movement to change our mindset. There is no 'waste'. Daily dump helps to segregate and compost our waste and facilitates recycling the rest.
We innovate and we would like to know good we are at it. This is one thing we tried to see where we are. You can check where you company is tooŠ
Nowadays, we are spoilt with choice for everything. If you are a globetrotter, check how many of these great places have you been. At Yash,
we learn a good deal through our travels.


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