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A Great Learning Visit to Zanders Mill in Germany.

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A Great Learning Visit to Zanders Mill in Germany.

Our Business Head Mr. Jagdeep Hira from Team Yash visited Zanders Mill in Germany a family owned mill, one-time Famous and most profitable industry in Koln Germany way back 1825 to 1985 enjoyed their dominating position for almost 160 years with only One machine which got sold to India in 1989. This mill had gone under 3 acquisitions. 

Surprisingly what their lead management consultant reveled off the presentations

1 ) They are only producing 1Million ton with the installed capacity of 3 million ton which is only 33% capacity 
2) Operating EBIDTA even at 33 %operating capacity is 28%.
3) They had 3000 people working in 2015, during the last merger and after reform, they have only 500.
4) They studied the layover workforce and surprised with the data 
2% - 4% employee got disengaged were really productive and key members.
30 % employee were laid off due to living in comfort zone.
50 % were studied to be laid off who were working very hard for owner family only and at times.
10% got off due to fitness level. 
Interestingly they have not come up with any major new reform in the Prevailing asset.  Added only 10% of total asset value in forwarding integration. 
Was a real eye-opener and a lesson to learn.
The consulting company Mutares helped and invested in financing back Zanders family to get the company back. 
This Management consulting company have done several acquisitions and their experience is similar and correct to 99%.