Golden Super Deluxe Plain & Ribbed Kraft Papers (GSP/GSR)

- Machine Glazed
- Agro Based 
- Color according to customer demand
- GSM Range 32 to 70
- Available in Reels and Sheets
- Food Bags
- Gift Wrapping
- Envelopes
- Fruits Wrapping
Technical Specification: 
ParameterUnit (min/max
Grammage g/m23240506070
GSM Tolerance ±%55555
Burst Factor1820202020
Burst IndexKPam2/g1.771.961.961.961.96
Tear Factor4550505050
Tear IndexmNm2/g4.404.904.904.904.90
Tensile Strengthkg/15mm1.
Breaking Lengthmeter 31003300400033002800
Cobb 60g/m24040404040
pH Value6-76-76-76-76-7