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Fixed Deposits

How can one get exemption from TDS deduction?

Resident Individuals can avail the exemption by furnishing form no. 15-G, provided the total annual income by way of interest does not exceed the limits as prescribed under income tax rules. Please, refer to link below to download form 15-G.

TDS exemption can be granted to Companies, trusts & trade unions or any individual (other than mentioned above) only on received of letter to this effect issued by Income Tax Department.

I have lost my TDS certificate(s), how can I get duplicate TDS certificate?

Kindly, send us a request to the company in the format as provided in the link below. The request letter for issuance of duplicate TDS certificate must be signed by first applicant in case of individual F.D holders and by authorized signatories in case of Company, trust, body corporate or power of attorney holder as per specimen signatures recorded with the company. In case of change in the authorized signatories, request letter must be duly supported by board resolution/ trust deed. On receipt of the documents mentioned above, duplicate TDS certificate will be issued to the F.D holder.

I have not received the TDS certificate from the company. What should I do to get the same?

In case you have opted for non-cumulative Fixed Deposit scheme, overleaf of counter-foil of your interest warrants is the TDS certificate for the Financial year. In case of cumulative scheme, TDS certificate (s) is sent after one month from date of due / accrued interest on the Fdr in each Financial year.

I have forgotten to deposit refund/ interest warrant(s)/Demand Draft within validity period. How can same be re-validated?

Kindly, send us request letter along with refund/ interest warrant(s)/Demand Draft in original to our operating office for revalidation. Fresh Demand Draft in lieu of the above mentioned instrument(s) will be issued to you.

What will be the transmission process in case sole F.D holder dies without leaving the will?

Company may transfer the Fdr on submission of Certified copy of Succession certificate. Under special circumstances, the company may consider transmission of Fixed Deposit, on submission of duly executed Indemnity bond & Affidavit, as per format provided in the link below.

Instructions for transmission of Fixed Deposit:

If F.D holder , holding Fdr in his/her sole name dies, how can his/her legal heir(s) get FDR transmitted in their name(s)?

In such a situation copy of the registered will must be sent to the company along with FDR & request in writing for transmission of FDR. . However, Company may ask for completion of other formalities to its satisfaction before transmission of the Fixed deposit.