Coated Natural Pouch (CNP)

-One Side Coated
-Machine Glazed
-Agro Based
-Natural Shade
-FDA AND ROH Approved
-Available in Reels
- All paper pouches
- Silicon coating
- Food wrapping paper
- Book covers & brochures
- Self adhesives stickers
- Calendars & magazine covers
- Application where only one side has to be printed
- Gum coated paper for use of printing stamp
- Fluorescent Coating


Technical Specification: 
ParameterUnit Test Results
Shade-Natural White
Grammageg/m 250
GSM Tolerance ±%5
Burst Factor28
Tensile Strength (MD)kg/15mm4
Breaking Length (MD)meter5200
Cobb 60g/m 218
Brightness (PV)%82
Bendtsen smoothness (Glaze)ml/min40
Bendtsen smoothness (Rough)ml/min240
Bulkcc/g0.90 ± 0.05
Surface pH6 ± 0.5
PPSμm1.25 - 1.35