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5th Board Meeting Held in Lucknow

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5th Board Meeting Held in Lucknow

On 09th and 10th November, 2018 YPL had its Audit Committee, Strategic Committee, IT Committee and Board Meetings in Hotel Ranjees, Lucknow.

On 09th November, 2018 :Audit Committee meeting was chaired by Committee Chairman Mr. G.N. Gupta together with the discussion on Internal Audit Report of Quarter 2 of the financial year 2018-19 approved by the Audit  Committee. A new Committee, Information Technology (IT) Committee meeting was also held on 09th November, 2018 being Chaired by Ms. Sonali Tipre. Being the first meeting, objectives of the committee along with the present state of IT and related issues were discussed in the meeting. Followed by Strategic Committee Meeting where strategic plans and innovation was the topic of discussion. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Basant Kumar Khaitan.

On 10th November, 2018: the Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. K.D. Pudumjee, chaired the YPL Board meeting. Financials for the 2nd quarter ended 30th September, 2018 were approved by the Board.

Other Major discussions were insights from Strategic & Audit Committee presentations on the business performance  & expansion plan of PM3 was presented in front of the Board. Discussion over the progress related to the ‘tableware’ and also production, challenges, sales and profitability of both the Paper business as well as the tableware business were main considerations.